Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment

Whether you like your ice cream low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar or full-everything, you can make exactly what you need with this fantastic attachment in about 20 minutes. Yum!

Thermos for your car coffee

Most products I recommend combine style with function and this stainless steel cup is no exception. It looks sharp AND keeps your coffee warm for an incredibly long (and leak-free) period of time.

Tovolo Perfect Cube Silicone Ice Cube..

Have you ever used just a portion of a can of chicken stock or other kitchen staple? Instead of letting it grow mold at the back of your fridge, pour it into one of these ice cube trays. They make perfect one ounce cubes so when you need more you know exactly how much you […]

Durable snack bowls

Cute, very sturdy, and cheap. What more do you want for bowls your kids will drag all over the house? Highly recommended.


Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil

This coconut oil smells amazing, tastes delicious, is 100% organic, cold-pressed and extra virgin. Is it any wonder that it is the only coconut oil I buy?

Kitchen Aid 14 Cup coffee maker

Finally – a coffee maker that makes enough coffee! Plus I love the way you can take the water reservoir to the sink instead of filling the carafe and using that to fill the reservoir. Most importantly, though, is that it makes great-tasting coffee. Coffee Maker, 1-4 cup feature, clean alert, pause & pour feature, […]

Contigo Grace 32 ounce water bottle

If you find yourself with the impression that I drink a lot of water, by golly, you’re right. This bottle is huge (about 1 quart/1 liter) and rarely leaks. I love it!

3 Quart Ceramic Pitcher

This 3 quart pitcher helps me make sure I drink enough water every day. If I finish a pitcher, I know I have done my job :)

“Get Shit Done” mug

My motto.

Leak-proof spill-proof travel coffee ..

They don’t spill and they don’t leak. Enough said? Impossible to spill, and 100% leak-proof. Pretty bold claims, but they are what Autoseal is all about. Need a leak-proof travel mug to use in the car? Need a spill-proof coffee mug to use at your desk? Need a travel mug that will keep your coffee […]

Large restaurant supply drinking cups

HUGE, unbreakable water cups big enough even for the amount of water I drink. These break-resistant restaurant grade tumblers feature a simple, yet elegant design made for serving drinks or special beverages. They are easy to replace with less worry of shattering. The sensational look, uncompromising quality and extensive selection have made this item one […]