sapphire diamonds

Whoa, a pointy-shaped amethyst bracelet – so lovely! [source]

I had to go

Story of my childhood!

I love you Brian Williams

Handmade Stylish Dog Collars

I love these collars and have ordered four or five over the years for different dogs. They hold up well – throw them in the washing machine – and Karen will customize them in many ways. You can get them in buckle or martingale style, with or without a shop tag, in different neck sizes, […]


A paper wave for your desk

Much less messy than a real one. via tatebanko

The Color Run

[The Color Run via Visual News]

why won’t you take me there

By Stamen Design. Thank you Laughing Squid.

Long ago and close by

You know I can’t resist a good ‘abandoned building’ photograph… [via Pixcetera Blog]

That poor fish

A tragic yet hilarious story of fish vs. girl. As I got closer to the pond, I could already sense that there was something wrong. There were no happy splashing sounds. I couldn’t see the water over the top of hole I’d dug. I dropped the fish furniture I had made and broke into a […]

Japan’s Battleship Island

A surreptitious visit to a derelict Japanese coal mining housing facility. On roughly the ninth floor of an apartment block, I stepped into one of the rooms to admire the sea view from the window. The traditional woven tatami floor beneath my feet, unused to human contact, gave way, sending a tremendous ripping sound through […]

Urban postmortems

[via Dark Passage]