This makes me cough

Daniel Shea via Flak Photo.

Hands are amazing

It is amazing to me that this kind of knitting can be done by an actual human. It is so beautiful. [via See Eunny Knit!]

Embracing Your Home’s Imperfections

Embracing Your Home’s Imperfections

Fingerspelling matchbooks

They’re incredibly expressive for having been made from such a limited material. By JK Keller.


What it’s like to work on a con..

The travelogue of artist Martin Machado working aboard a container ship – the story and photos are fascinating. Martin Machado: In some ports, such as Pakistan, we are required to keep a gangway watch because of the possible risk of terrorism, even with a Pakistani security guard standing by with a sawed off shotgun at […]


[Solar Flare by *IngoEs]


[Erin Drewitz]


by Jay Fleck


[via geekologie]


Whoa. [via boing boing]


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