Sela Dor

Wonderful photo, and as a bonus it looks like my sister ;) By Sela Dor.


Great graffiti made only with masking tape. By BUFFdiss.


on photoschau

What do you make with this tray of to..

Why these amazing shoes, of course! Did I mention that they glow in black light?


The ultimate editorial cartoon

[via Matt Bors]

I want to be a chicken

[via Cool Hunting]

Digital Graffiti

[via PSFK]

Diving board

[via Pleasantville]

Amazing use of space

I would have loved this kind of setup as a kid – all those hidden spaces would have been so much fun! [via swissmiss]

Pill poppers

[via Look in art: Damien Steven Hirst]

Candyland comes to life!

[via Craftster]