projector ring

In a darkened room, light from a candle or LED passes through the ring to project a series of portraits. A selection of miniature slides were made of different family portraits and inserted into the edge of the ring for projection. As Jerram’s family grows, photos of his children can be added to the ring. […]

you lookin at me

Oh good grief I’m never sleeping again. They’re actually quite beautiful. [Rankin Photography]


Awesome. [Vans and the places where they were.]

Story of my life

[xkcd via Gizmodo]



[Jak & Jil]

Fantastical desktop wallpaper illustr..

[ studio]

Happy Easter

“Unlike Santa, the Easter Bunny isn’t afraid to completely freak children out in broad daylight.” Holy moses that’s a creepy photo. [Awkward Family Photos]

Tears of a clone

“I had friends on that Death Star” [Donkey Ts]

George Clinton look out!

[Endless] Of course, being me, when I first wrote the title of this post it was “George Plimpton look out!” but that isn’t right at all. Now we’re talking… Starchild, Citizens of the Universe, Recording Angels. We have returned to claim the Pyramids. Partying on the Mothership. I am the Mothership Connection. []

How does a sewing machine work?

I’ve always wondered what goes on inside a sewing machine, and now I can’t stop watching this animation. Admittedly, I’m simpleminded, but still. [CRAFT]

Make your own microwave popcorn

Put 1/4 cup popcorn in a brown paper bag. Fold top over a few times and tape it. Place in microwave folded side up for 2 to 3 minutes or until there is 5 seconds between pops.” [Snack Girl] This can’t be possible – what in the world have I been paying Orville R. for […]