How to change your name in California

I’m in the process of changing my middle name back to what it was when I was a girl, and this book is perfect. If you’re changing your name for any reason, this book has all the forms and instruction you need for a good price.

Seki Edge fingernail clippers

Let me get this out of the way from the start: I know it is weird to have favorite fingernail clippers. But once you try these you’ll understand – they never tear your nails, and they clip instantly and effortlessly. Well-made, they even feel good in your hand.

Nest earbud case

I love this soft, rubbery headphone case because it is easy and quick to use, plus the bright color means I don’t lose it in the depths of my purse!

Most Comfortable Slippers

I crown these plush Acorn thong slippers with the title of World’s Most Comfortable. They feel so great that several times I have almost walked out the door in them. I guess that could be considered a drawback, but really it’s just the price you pay for happy feet.


3 Quart Ceramic Pitcher

This 3 quart pitcher helps me make sure I drink enough water every day. If I finish a pitcher, I know I have done my job :)

John Frieda Volumizing Mousse

I’ve got fine hair, and this mousse amps it up without making it stiff or sticky. ‘Nuff said.

Waring toaster oven

It was finally time to replace my ancient Black and Decker toaster oven, and I planned to get another one. But I looked at their controls and they were just so confused and stupid that I had to look for a different brand. I finally settled on this Waring toaster oven, and I couldn’t be […]

ZOT Licorice Bits

If I say the word ‘licorice’ and you don’t think Red Vines, then this is the sugar-free candy for you. It is pure Anise and Licorice extracts and nothing else – so delicious!

Harmony 650 Universal Remote

I love the idea of having a truly universal remote to replace the pile of remotes on my table, but they’re usually way too complex for my taste. This Harmony remote (the 650) is their cheapest and simplest model and it is just right for me. It does what I need it to do without […]

ChuckIt Indoor Dog Toys

My lab/mutt Clara LOVES all the toys in the ChuckIt Indoor range. I think they feel good on her teeth, and even though she’s a big chewer, they don’t tempt her to shred them right away. They’re cheap enough that I don’t mind buying her new ones every few months, and they don’t leave marks […]

CND Stickey nail polish Base Coat

“Stickey” is an appropriate name for this fingernail polish base coat as it really glues your polish to your nails. I no longer get chips – just regular tip-wear. This stuff is great and not expensive. Win win!