Basic Ts for Women

I have these shirts in several colors and they’re super-soft, simple, and drape beautifully. Oh, and plus they’re really cheap and come in tons of great colors.

Kopiko Sugar Free Coffee Candy

These candies are sugar free, calorie and carb free, and taste just like coffee ice cream. I Love them!

Fisher Bullet Space Pens

I keep these pens in my pocket, at the bottom of my purse, and all over the house. They’re gorgeous, they write upside down and in the cold, and they feel great in your hand. I’m addicted to writing with them.

Sonos Play 1

I’ve got Sonos speakers all over my house and they’re fantastic! The Play 1 is great because you can drag it along with you when you’re out in the back yard, in the basement, or anywhere else your wireless network reaches – and you get to have music with you the whole time. I listen […]


sapphire diamonds

Whoa, a pointy-shaped amethyst bracelet – so lovely! [source]

I had to go

Story of my childhood!

Leather boots with silver stars

I covet these leather boots with silver stars. They’re black, but the photo makes them look purple. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Classic 1958 Aluminum Office Chair

The iconic office chair series from which this Kardiel Lider Mid Back reproduction takes its inspiration was originally developed in 1958. The seat and back rest is made of a continuous single section of Commercial grade leatherette upholstery stretched taut between two metal ribs. This allows it to subtly conform to the shape of the […]

“Get Shit Done” mug

My motto.

Calming watch

The thought of looking at my wrist and not seeing everything technology has to offer is oddly soothing. If only I could remove the second hand it would be perfect.

I love you Brian Williams