Full Time Internet

Horse e-Posters – #014 Horse e-Posters is the side project of Atlanta designer Tim Lampe. Tweets from @Horse_ebooks have captured the world by storm, and I’ve kept a list of my favorites that the world’s most famous spam-bot twitter account has posted and I’ve attempted to design posters for them. The project started off as […]



A paper wave for your desk

Much less messy than a real one. via tatebanko

why won’t you take me there

By Stamen Design. Thank you Laughing Squid.


Embracing Your Home’s Imperfections

Embracing Your Home’s Imperfections

Melting words

By Kotama Bouabane.

Amazing use of space

I would have loved this kind of setup as a kid – all those hidden spaces would have been so much fun! [via swissmiss]

Pill poppers

[via Look in art: Damien Steven Hirst]

Dream house on the sea

[via Mathias Klotz]

More like this!

I wish they all were this forward-thinking. [via Cool Hunting]

Rainbow showerhead

What a great way to get up in the morning! [via Amazon.com]