True Grapefruit Pure Powder

Also available in Lemon, Lime and Orange, the Grapefruit powder is the best. Containing nothing but pure essence of citrus, this powder goes great in water, iced tea, soda… really anywhere!

Kitchen Aid 14 Cup coffee maker

Finally – a coffee maker that makes enough coffee! Plus I love the way you can take the water reservoir to the sink instead of filling the carafe and using that to fill the reservoir. Most importantly, though, is that it makes great-tasting coffee. Coffee Maker, 1-4 cup feature, clean alert, pause & pour feature, […]

Contigo Grace 32 ounce water bottle

If you find yourself with the impression that I drink a lot of water, by golly, you’re right. This bottle is huge (about 1 quart/1 liter) and rarely leaks. I love it!

3 Quart Ceramic Pitcher

This 3 quart pitcher helps me make sure I drink enough water every day. If I finish a pitcher, I know I have done my job :)


Large restaurant supply drinking cups

HUGE, unbreakable water cups big enough even for the amount of water I drink. These break-resistant restaurant grade tumblers feature a simple, yet elegant design made for serving drinks or special beverages. They are easy to replace with less worry of shattering. The sensational look, uncompromising quality and extensive selection have made this item one […]