Spigen Slim Armor S iPhone 5s case

I have this case in white and it is so sharp. But more importantly, my phone is very well protected from the occasional drop.

Swarovski 2012 Crystal Snowflake Orna..

Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament Commemorate the year with an elegant, limited-edition 2012 crystal ornament from world-renowned Swarovski. Highly anticipated each year as the holidays approach, the annual crystal ornament is an avid collector’s dream and a first-timer’s treasure. In keeping with Swarovski’s established pattern to release unique snowflake designs on even years […]

Blue Hair: I finally did it!

My friend Michael Angelo of Wonderland Beauty Parlour helped me achieve this by first bleaching my hair to white, then applying a light blue dye over it for 45 minutes. The result is a medium to light blue that shifts from periwinkle at my roots to turquoise at the ends. It came out a bit […]

Layla Hologram Effect Jade Groove Swa..

Hi guys!! Today I have another ones of the awesome Layla hologram effect polishes to show you! Next to Flash Black this is my favorite, I really like the base color which is like a very light green. This one is also super holo, much like the others…but it seems like it’s SO holo that […]


Nerdlacquer: Shiny Swatch

Shiny is part of the Firefly trio and is “a clear sky blue with sapphire shift, silver and white microglitter, ultrafine opalescent blue glitter, multiple sizes of silver hex glitter, plus medium square white and silver glitter. It’s spacey, it’s cool, it’s synonymous with “fine,” and it’s very shiny indeed” View full post at polish […]

Candeo Colors Rittenhouse Swatch

This polish does not photograph well but I think the next time I wear it I will thin it and layer it over another color. It’s not as oatmeal looking in reality and I like it but I don’t love it. The only reason I bought it was because it’s part of the Philadelphia collection. […]

Large Ruffle Hobo Bag

This Bold Ruffled Double Handle Hobo Handbag is a great way to get an expensive looking handbag, without paying out of this world prices. The tremendous soft leatherette ruffles run on the front panel with vibrant red interior touch. Unique plastic circular dual handles make an outstanding fashion statement and easy to carry. The top […]

blue hair

I like blue x) I used the color “atlantic” View full post at blue hair by ~O-z-i-e on deviantART.

White Hair

Playing around with my hair. This is what I would look like with white hair. Used an iridescent powder (that washed out) since my hair is actually a dark brown. Also did the make-up. View full post at White Hair by ~PiratePenguinFreak on deviantART.

How to color PVC pipe

This is brilliant! PVC is great: cheap, common, easy to work, and easy to join temporarily or permanently. Only problem is, it’s kinda ugly, much of which owes to the fact that it only comes in white, gray, sometimes black, and (if you’re willing to pay through the nose) clear. Sure, you can paint it, […]