A paper wave for your desk

Much less messy than a real one. via tatebanko

Fingerspelling matchbooks

They’re incredibly expressive for having been made from such a limited material. By JK Keller.

What it’s like to work on a con..

The travelogue of artist Martin Machado working aboard a container ship – the story and photos are fascinating. Martin Machado: In some ports, such as Pakistan, we are required to keep a gangway watch because of the possible risk of terrorism, even with a Pakistani security guard standing by with a sawed off shotgun at […]


by Jay Fleck


C-3PO Descending a Staircase

[John Mattos via The Uniblog and Neatorama]

Dalton Ghetti’s pencil lead carving..

Incredible! I can’t imagine the patience that he has for this kind of work. No wonder he says it is meditative for him. Working without a magnifying glass or special clamps, he does all the carving by hand. One piece even took him 2 1/2 years. [Daily Mail]

The ultimate editorial cartoon

[via Matt Bors]

Diving board

[via Pleasantville]

Pill poppers

[via Look in art: Damien Steven Hirst]

Berkeley, CA

[via citynoise.org]