Twilight Vampire Baby

Thanks for the nightmares, April. And to think I could have gone my whole life without ever having seen this. [via Regretsy – one of my most favorite blogs]

Pill poppers

[via Look in art: Damien Steven Hirst]

Fly on the wall at this meeting…

Um. [via Gizmodo]


Snort. [via Picture Is Unrelated]


atelier van lieshout: infernopolis

atelier van lieshout: infernopolis

Screw Amsterdam. I’m going home..

You bastards.

Cool, but I’m going to heave

Photographer Dan Ng shot hilly San Francisco as if it were flat. Whoa. [Dan Ng]

Wasabi gumballs!

Yum! [Think Geek]

you lookin at me

Oh good grief I’m never sleeping again. They’re actually quite beautiful. [Rankin Photography]

Happy Easter

“Unlike Santa, the Easter Bunny isn’t afraid to completely freak children out in broad daylight.” Holy moses that’s a creepy photo. [Awkward Family Photos]