She goes. Out with other guys.

Here’s my story, its sad but true It’s about a girl that I once knew She took my love then ran around With every single guy in town I need a pair of run around shoes for general out-and-abouting and they don’t have to be amazing. Although amazingness would be a plus. I miss her […]

Calvin Klein Hi Lo Dress

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[Easy Fashion] These are smokin hot, and I’m sorry I missed them in the colder weather. They’re on my to do list for when the temperature dips down again. These blue ones are calling my name too. How to decide?? [Endless]


By sincerely hana.


I’d listen to her sew the phone..

For my Creative Processes class I designed and made this paper dress purely out of phonebook paper! I pleated, stuck, sewed, and glued everything by hand. – Jolis Paons


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George Clinton look out!

[Endless] Of course, being me, when I first wrote the title of this post it was “George Plimpton look out!” but that isn’t right at all. Now we’re talking… Starchild, Citizens of the Universe, Recording Angels. We have returned to claim the Pyramids. Partying on the Mothership. I am the Mothership Connection. []